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We provide the software, services, and support you need to establish and grow your co-op’s online presence quickly and easily


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your co-op

We’re a team of sales, marketing, and design professionals who have spent decades building start-ups, working in SMBs, growing non-profits, and even teaching at universities.

We partnered with dotCooperation with the specific goal of leveraging current, market-leading solutions, industry best practices, and our expertise in service of co-ops.

We want to help every co-op achieve its organization’s goals by making its digital presence the best it can be. From launching a new site to running social ads to just setting up your email, we can help.

– Rob, Julian, and the Small World Team

What does offer?

Our services

Digital Presence

These are some of the core services to get and keep your co-op online:

  • .coop domain names
  • website design and hosting
  • social media accounts & design
  • email services
  • website security tools

Digital Marketing

These are the services that get your co-op noticed, and thriving including:

  • SEO services
  • online ad campaigns
  • content marketing campaigns
  • reputation management
  • online reviews tracking

Custom Solutions

These are some of the extras and big ideas that make a huge difference:

  • business development & sales consulting
  • brand development
  • custom chatbots
  • app development

A .coop domain name is the single best way to establish your co-op's distinctive brand in the digital world

Got a .coop
get a bonus

Join our Co-op Partner Program with a new or existing .coop domain name (you can absolutely keep your current domain registrar) and get discounts on products and services for your co-op including:

  • 50% off managed WordPress hosting,
  • 33% off our simple landing page builder, and
  • 20% off guided, DIY SEO services.
  • Access to private Q&A conference calls 
  • And more

The Program is currently free to join. And with savings of $144 per year, the hosting benefits alone cover twice the cost of a .coop domain!

The first 200 co-ops get a free SEO evaluation report of your co-op’s existing site.

This is a great tool for understanding how your current digital presence is performing for your co-op. So, act soon!

We look forward to working with you!

Frequently asked questions

Are you a cooperative?

No. We are not – yet. Small World was granted the use of a .coop domain as part of our commitment as a service provider to the cooperative community. That said, we are exploring creating a cooperative. If you would like to stay in the loop on those developments, and possibly become a member, join our Partner Program or follow us on social media.

What is

MOXS is the contracted, in-house solutions studio that serves all Small World clients. Your site design, marketing consulting, graphic design, and business development consulting are all handled by the MOXS team, which includes some of the Small World team plus a network of creative, and business professionals.

How do you offer so many products and services with such a small team?

We are small, but mighty! We also make great use of the cooperation ethos by partnering with top-notch freelancers, software providers, and agencies (some of whom we’ve known for years) to serve our co-op clients, like you.

These partnerships provide us with a wide range of solutions. Different clients need different things to grow their co-op, and working with other companies to integrate market-leading solutions was the best way to meet our clients’ needs. This approach also allows us to focus on understanding your goals without trying to sell you on a solution we’ve spent thousands of dollars developing and maintaining. Instead, we invest our time in managing the integration of a solution you’ve chosen into your site, and providing you with reliable support.

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