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About Us

SmallWorld.COOP is a service of Small World Communications. You’ll find a full list of our values on our main about page. I’ll take this opportunity to expand a little more on a couple of those values that drove us to create this service for cooperatives.

We value cooperation.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve always worked better as part of a team. Having worked for a number of startups, I’m also very accustomed to being more of a partner with my clients than a vendor to them. And when you’re launching a new business, you must provide value for your clients. You have to ensure that you’re growing their business, not just your own.

That kind of thinking is at the heart of our business.

We value innovation in all ways.

Let’s be clear, there’s nothing new about cooperatives. They have been around in one form or another for a very long time. However, like many things, interest in forming them faded. Now, in an era when communities need solutions that are designed specifically for them, cooperatives are making a strong come back. Communities are innovating to solve problems like food deserts, and affordable child care.

The COOP philosophy is at the heart of these ventures and it’s about time.

We value what’s important to you.

It’s totally fine if a co-op wants to maintain a smaller profile. However, if you want to grow and hold a position in your community as a viable option in the marketplace, we want to help you do just that.

We want to apply the lessons we’ve learned from growing businesses in the for-profit, private sector to co-ops. We want to bring the tools and ideas to bear to help your co-op grow and thrive. In doing so, we help your community thrive.

And your community is our community.

We’re in this together.

So, that’s us.

We hope we get a chance to work with you.

Rob McClinton
CEO, Small World Communications, Inc.